How Much Do You Care About Your Style?

  • June 10, 2020
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Do you know how much you can influence others’ opinions just by your clothes? We always like to look prettier and wear fashionable clothes, but what does the word “fashionable” mean? Why should you have a style and care about the way you dress?

“Fashion” has become more and more important than ever before in our daily and social life. Fashion is simply the opening of a particular style of dress or color, which is different from the rest of the community and makes a difference.

Of course, it is better to know that fashion is not only related to the clothing and accessories industry or shoes and bags, sometimes the behavior or lifestyle is also common in society, which is different from others.

For a better understanding, it is interesting to know that at the time, the weight and waist circumference of women was also a function of fashion.

But why do we care so much about how we dress and how reasonable we are? What is the difference between fashion, fashion, or style? Do you know the types of styles at all?

Why should you care about your clothes?

  • The effect of your style of clothing at first glance.
  • The style of clothing and the type of clothing you wear at first glance reflects part of your personality.
  • Fashion information can introduce you to new styles.
  • You can learn about job opportunities such as stylist, costume designer, or accessory designer and shopping assistant.
  • Familiarity with styles and the right type of clothing will have a positive effect on those around you.
  • The right way of dressing increases self-confidence and higher social relationships.
  • Choosing clothes and familiarity with the appropriate style of each situation will have a positive impact on the environment. (Such as familiarity with work clothes suitable for work or clothes suitable for travel)

The main definitions of the fashion world


This word means style and model. A style with specified items can include everything from clothes to music, eating, and home interior decoration.


The style of the dress includes makeup, hairstyles to accessories, and even cologne. The most famous types of styles are casual style, boho style, avant-garde style, classic style, retro, and so on. Among the interior decoration styles, Scandinavian or minimalist style can be mentioned.


This branch is a subset of fashion and is a kind of new method or mode that becomes fashionable in certain periods and gives way to the next trend after a few months.



Trends can be seen everywhere, from social media and popular hashtags such as #MeToo to dress trends such as baggy jeans from the sixties and seventies or makeup styles such as glossy cheeks or colored mascaras. Trends usually return to fashion after a while.


Fashion in French means “fashion” or the style that has become popular in the period and is used by some people in particular. It changes depending on the season, month, or year. Famous designers in the world of fashion include “Versace” or “Christian Dior”.

Usually, the latest fashion styles and styles of clothing and accessories are unveiled in “Fashion Week”. The most famous fashion shows in the world are held in London, Paris, Milan, and New York.

Also, an important part of the fashion industry is influenced by the way celebrities dress in different red carpets. It should be noted that the most important fashion show in the world is also called “Matt Gala”.


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