How Interior Design Affects Our Emotions?

  • June 10, 2020
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How Interior Design Affects Our Emotions

Do you know how much the change in the interior decoration of the house affects the mood? What is the style of your home? The style of the furniture and the way it is painted reflects your taste.

Home interior design and the importance of designing, arranging, choosing colors, and choosing a specific style for home interior design not only have a positive effect on mood and increase efficiency but also reflect a part of your personality.

The interior design and style of your home or even your work desk and personal room are some of the smallest things like choosing the color of the cushion, wallpaper, or even flowers and plants, lighting, and using furniture and furnishings, etc. All tell the type of style you choose to live. he does.

Research has shown that paying attention to interior decoration and home furnishings plays a significant role in mental health and even some physical ailments.

The science of arranging furniture is called “feng shui”. Feng Shui is the traditional science of China in which the objects and objects of a building are arranged according to a certain order and rule, with the highest amount of knowledge, success, happiness, and energy flowing in the house or workplace and room. Plant attention and lighting are important in feng shui.

Why should you care about home interior decoration?

Interior design and furniture layout as we have said is a kind of expression of your personality. From this day on, it is very important to have a positive image of you in the minds of others and to convey a positive feeling of home space to them.

On the other hand, interior decoration makes the best use of available space. Of course, if the size of your home or office is large, stylish interior decoration can still be the best option for you to make the best use of the available space.

Proper arrangement of appliances and household items has a positive effect on your mental and physical efficiency so that you have easier access to the required equipment and on the other hand it is easy and convenient for you to use them.

In a way, paying attention to the emotional dimensions of people in the layout is one of the issues that makes any layout close to the personality style of people so that along with the aesthetic dimension, people’s sense of satisfaction is formed and they feel comfortable with peace in their moments.

Interior lighting is one of the most important things that everyone pays attention to. Here, too, the right layout helps people to make the best use of decorations such as flowers and plants. Climatic conditions affect the choice of equipment so that the equipment can be more efficient for you and so-called long life.

Given the above and other important issues, interior decoration is very important. Today, interior decoration, apart from a field of study, is known as a science that is even psychologically examined. In the following, we will discuss different styles and styles of home interiors to get a brief introduction to them.

Home interior design styles

let’s review the most popular styles in decoration.

Minimal Style

One of the most popular styles of interior design and home and work environment in recent years.

minimal interior design

Also, features of the minimalist style are the simplicity of design and design of furniture, simple wall coverings and decorations, tidy, open and bright space of the house, and vaccinations with simple and dazzling effects.

Also, this style avoids any clutter or the use of bright colors and glamorous furniture.

Scandinavian Style

This style focuses on simplicity and efficiency.

scandinavian inerior designThe Scandinavian style has revolutionized the interior design industry since the 1950s, with the use of natural materials and the absence of additional decorations and details being a feature of this style of decoration. Scandinavian style often uses white and black color palette along with blue and gray to create a beautiful atmosphere in the decoration.

Traditional Iranian Style

It is one of the most popular and popular classical styles in Iran, which has many fans.

interior design of a persian houseThis style and its combination with other styles such as urban, industrial, contemporary, or minimalist interior decoration style is very eye-catching and calms the mind and revives the feeling of intimacy in people.

The use of classic furniture or wooden beds, Shah Abbasi cherries, pottery, calligraphic frames, cashmere, and kilim are common in this style, and the red color of lacquer and azure blue can be seen in it.

Art Deco Style

Art Deco interior decoration style is one of the most well-known styles of the twentieth century.

art deco in architectureThis style creates a delicate and glamorous space in the house, and its main features include the use of various geometric shapes and special materials that give the space of the house a sense of modernity.

The use of brass utensils and beautiful paintings and decorative and classic crystals in the Art Deco style is very common.

Other styles of interior decoration

There are many styles in interior design that can be used together or separately to change the decoration. You can combine these styles such as urban style, industrial style, Victorian style, classic or classic French and modern style, etc. with your taste and have your style for the interior design of your home.

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